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Highly Tailored IT Design, Management Systems & Support Services.

IT Design
We provide the most responsive and functional IT software design and solutions for companies and businesses worldwide.
Management Solutions
We transform all daily company and business processes and activities from manually managed to electronically managed.
Data Security
We provide the best environment for your system backup. Store your business data in a safe and secure place while still maintaining its accessibility.
Our services

For your very specific industry,
we have highly-tailored IT solutions.

Software Design & Development
We build superb web applications that automate an enterprise business functions. Our business workflow design follows and achieves your existing business rules.
Mobile App. Development
We design and develop superb custom IOS and Android applications, develop mobile applications for already existing web applications and linking with both SMS and USSD.
Professional Website Design
We provide the most responsive and functional web designs for companies and businesses worldwide with uniqueness, providing a positive and intuitive user experience.
Embeded Systems
Get your company or business microcontroller based projects done for you. We really know how to deliver it, giving you the best microcontroller tech experience working with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
Cyber Security
We have the best pentester teams to help your company or business stop man in the middle attacks. With development experience in multiple programming languages and frameworks, we have the best understanding of software security.
Linux Servers Administration
Thinking of Linux server? Need to setup a Linux server or administration of your already existing Linux server? We have experienced personnel to ensure your needs are taken care of.
Cloud Computing
We are here to help you manage your cloud services, as your company or business rely on the cloud to host data which is confidential information about clients or patients or partners or other assets.
ICT Solution Advisory
We offer the best IT consulting services to corporate businesses, organizations, government agencies and multinational corporations in order to align people, process technology for proven business results.

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Word From The Founders

John Magero
Founder & CEO
Profession : Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering
At Flima Technologies, we have the best fantastic design and engineering skills, which has given us the ability to question and solve our clients problems in an exceptional manner to deliver the best results.
Felix Ogola
Founder & Director Technical Development
Profession : Information Technology
The ability to speak truth, be competent, build trust and think beyond, enables us to easily provide effective communication, provide quality in every step, develop long term relationship and provide innovative thinking to our clients.

How We Do It ::

Rapid Prototyping
We easily develop prototypes of clients projects, giving them a futuristic view of the end product, within the shottest time possible.
100% IP Protection
We protect client business idea and providing assurities through signing of non-discloser aggreements.
Flexible Engagement Models
Our service offerings enhance customer experience throughout secure & highly functional end-to-end warranty management.
Accurate Testing Processes
We develop and propose product improvements through periodical and accurate testing, repairing & refining every version.